Barcelona Segway Tour

Barcelona Segway Tour

Barcelona Segway Tour


If you doubt the most fun and comfortable way to visit Barcelona is with a Segway Tour.

The city has official segway tours that go from 1 hour to 3 hours and with which the tourist can visit all the emblematic places of Barcelona, such as the works of Gaudí including the Sagrada Familia even in Montjuic.

The fact of visiting a new city is a very exciting experience, but if you can also experience it and feel it as an integral part of it, it will be unforgettable!

Barcelona is one of the most dazzling cities on the European continent. This is evidenced by the statistics of travelers per year and the faces of admiration that you observe when you reveal your origin when you are traveling to another destination. Then we will show the places or activities essential to visit in Barcelona. There are many more and over time new enclaves are positioned among the most beloved in the city:

Visit the Sagrada Familia on Segway

If there is a representative symbol of the city of Barcelona this, without any doubt, are the sharp and modernist towers of the Sagrada Familia of the great architect Antoni Gaudí. This expiatory temple began to be built at the end of the 19th century and what remains.

During the last years great progress has been made and it is spectacular to contemplate the interior of the Temple as well as the new façade of the Passion that follows new architectural styles and we can visit with the Barcelona Segway tour. Gaudí was inspired by the details of nature to make his work and when you look inside you will realize that the huge columns form a kind of spellbinding stone forest.

Walk on the Rambla on Segway

Hated and loved by many the Rambla has also seen them in all colors. The walls of the old city passed through it and enclosed the European city with more density of the continent. When the walls were opened, the Rambla was born and on the other side the Raval district. Along the route with Barcelona Segway tour and according to the time of day the Rambla works as a kind of microcosm.

According to the moment, you will find many terraces full of beers, kiosks, human statues, pickpockets, prostitutes, tourists and perhaps some other place. I recommend avoiding paellas that advertise in restaurants if you really want to enjoy the food and pay decent prices.

Among the most prominent places to visit on the Rambla are the Liceu, the Palau Güell, the fascinating market of La Boquería, the Café de l'Òpera and ending with the Statue of Columbus, which curiously points to Egypt. And suddenly, we are facing the Mediterranean Sea.

The Cathedral and the Gothic Quarter from the Segway optics

Under the stones of the Cathedral of Barcelona hides a religious past that goes back to the Visigothic times. The huge square in front of the Cathedral of the city helps to make its façade very photogenic. Maybe you are not among the five most beautiful cathedrals in Spain but your visit will not leave you indifferent.

Also, it is convenient to visit the Barcelona History Museum which includes several visits. With its nerve center in the Plaza del Rei you will walk underneath the same cathedral following the Roman and medieval remains and you will also know the Jewish legacy in the old part of the city.

The Beaches of Barceloneta and the Segway Maritime Walk

They say that since the Olympic Games Barcelona finally opened to the sea. However, during the eighties in the same sand on the beach of Barceloneta there were many picnic areas where you can enjoy good paella and seafood enlivened with music and good atmosphere.

However, the promenade in front of the sea, where the Barcelona Segway tour takes place, joins the extreme west with the imposing figure of the Hotel Vela to its eastern end with the giant photovoltaic panels of the Forum.

Along it you will find chiringuitos, restaurants, the Olympic Port, discotecas and a beaches that, although they can not compete with their neighbors of the Maresme or the Baix Llobregat, offer a good dip and a more relaxed look to the city.

The Modernism and the Paseo de Gracia

Half a dozen of the best modernist works of the country were built on the flourishing, bourgeois and aristocratic Paseo de Gracia of the early twentieth century. Nowadays, the filigree, colorful and impossible shapes of architects of the stature of Gaudí, Puig i Cadafalch or Domènec i Muntaner are accompanied by the best modern hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental and the most fashionable stores (and that can afford the high prices of one of the most expensive streets in the country).

Visiting one of the modernist houses of the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona is practically obligatory and among the most frequented are La Pedrera (or Casa Milà) where in summer they perform great jazz concerts at night on the roof and Casa Batlló, both of the great architect Antoni Gaudí.

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