Surf arround the world

Surf arround the world

Surf arround the world


With more than seven thousand kilometers of beach in Brazil, it is no exaggeration to say that today we are also the country of surfing. With two champions and more than ten surfers racing in the world surfing elite, it's time to be recognized as a surfing country. And this success can be explained by the diversity and quality of waves in our Brazil.

Today, Brazil has several surf spots spread across our coastline, some with perfect waves. One of these peaks is the Itaúna Beach, in Saquarema, considered the "Maracanã do Surfe" and that this May receives the Brazilian stage of surfing. Taking advantage of this step, we present the best surfer spikes for you to drop your perfect wave. Grab your board, paraffin and choose where to drop the wave of dreams! Good reading and aloha!

We started the list with the golden key. A Brazilian young man has earned the suggestive nickname of "Brazilian hawaii", it is not known for the beauty, the waves or both. The truth is that with the brazilian the waves break perfectly in the months of May, June and July. And when the ground wind enters, what you see are tubes and more tubes.

The beaches of Conceição and Cacimba do Padre are filled with surfers, but it is possible to get high waves in any of the "beaches outside" of the archipelago. When the subject is beautiful beach and good waves, the north coast of São Paulo is blessed. São Sebastião, Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, Ilhabela and Bertioga have perfect beaches for all tastes and profiles, but it is in São Sebastião the best surf spot in the region. It is common to see Paulistas descending the mountains during the week, still at dawn , to surf some waves before taking the road again towards the capital for another day of work. The beach is extensive and has waves for everyone. In the "Canto da Moreira", on the right side of the beach, it breaks high right waves with series that reach 10 feet. The middle of the beach is more suitable for those more experienced and in classic days roll several tubes. Already the left corner has a fatter wave, perfect for those who are starting in the sport. Just choose where to fall and be happy! Before Rio de Janeiro and Saquarema, it was in Imbituba that the stages of the world circuit were realized in Brazil. Located on the southern coast of Santa Catarina, the city draws attention for its natural beauty. In summer it is full of tourists, and in winter the beaches receive the visit of whales. And of course, there's a lot of vibe, too. The most famous beach is Rosa, sought after by tourists from various states in Brazil and South America. The beach is divided between north and south and on both sides there are good waves, but they depend on the wind. On the Itapirubá Norte Beach, when the south wind enters, it is the right address for the best waves.

The other beaches in the region also have good wave formation. So if you go to Santa Catarina at this peak you will have a lot of fun!

If you want to enjoy of any other good beaches you should visit Mallorca which also has a very good cottages to stay in, check and get you one of the bests places arround.

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