Primaxin Imipenem Cilastatin

Primaxin Imipenem Cilastatin

Primaxin Imipenem Cilastatin


Primaxin is a drug containing imipenem and cilastatin. It belongs to class of meds called carbapenems. Imipenem inhibits the formation of the bacterial cell wall. Cilastatin is included to prolong the action of imipenem by preventing its breakdown in the kidneys. The drug comes in the form of a powder which is reconstituted for injection.

Primaxin is used in the treatment of Pseudomonas infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections and lower respiratory tract diseases.

Dosing modifications are necessary in people who have renal impairment. Weight is also a consideration for dose adjustment.

The side effects of Primaxin include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, and fever.

Though we mentioned that broad-spectrum antibiotics can be used to treat super-infections, these drugs can also cause this problem. The super-infection often follows resistance and it leads to a condition that is difficult to manage. This can be potentially fatal.

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