Beluga caviar from London

Beluga caviar from London

Beluga caviar from London


The beluga caviar london is considered one of the most unique and expensive types of caviar available on the market in London, Uk. It is obtained from the roe of the beluga sturgeon, a species of fish found mainly in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Due to its exclusivity and scarcity, this black caviar is considered a gourmet delicacy and is commonly used in fine dining dishes and on special occasions. It is important to note that the beluga sturgeon is in danger of extinction, which has led to restrictions on the fishing and commercialization of this caviar to protect its species.
The roe of the beluga sturgeon is large, dark gray or black in colour, and has a mild, buttery flavour. They are renowned for their smooth and creamy texture, as well as their delicate sea flavour. These unique characteristics make caviar made from beluga highly prized by lovers of haute cuisine.

Where does this caviar come from ?

Beluga caviar is obtained from the roe of the beluga sturgeon, a species of fish that inhabits the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. These fish are known for their large size and are considered an endangered species. The roe is carefully extracted from female beluga sturgeon and then processed and packaged for marketing as caviar. Importantly, there are strict regulations for the fishing and commercialization of beluga sturgeon and its caviar, with the aim of protecting and preserving this endangered species.

How do you eat this kind of caviar ?

Caviar is a gourmet food and is usually eaten in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions:
Traditionally, caviar is served on blinis or small toast. You can spread a little butter on blini or toast and then add a small amount of caviar on top.
For those who prefer milder flavours, caviar can be paired with scrambled eggs or eggs benedict. Add a dash of caviar on top of the eggs to add texture and flavour.
It can also be served with sour cream or whipped cream. Place a teaspoon of caviar in a teaspoon and add some sour cream or whipped cream on top.
Remember that caviar has a delicate flavour and should be consumed in small portions to appreciate its unique flavour. Also, it's important to serve it well refrigerated, as heat can affect its quality.

Online shopping is faster and easier

Many companies that specialize in selling gourmet and delicatessen products offer the option of buying caviar from beluga online. It is important to check the reputation and credibility of the seller before making the purchase. In addition, it should be noted that this type of food is a delicate product that requires specific storage and transport conditions to maintain its freshness and flavour, so it is recommended to choose a reliable and recognized supplier in the industry.

How will this caviar come to your home if you buy online ?

This sturgeon caviar purchased online is usually shipped in a refrigerated package to ensure that the product arrives in optimal condition. The packaging is usually a vacuum-sealed can or jar that keeps the caviar fresh and protected. It is important to follow the seller's instructions regarding the storage and consumption of it to ensure that it is enjoyed to the fullest. Some vendors can also offer information on the provenance and quality of caviar and provide tips on how to serve it and pair it with other foods for a unique dining experience.

What colour should fresh beluga caviar be ?

Fresh caviar from the sturgeon beluga should have a dark, uniform colour on the beans, which can range from dark gray to black, and they should be translucent and bright. The degree of brightness will depend on the quality and freshness of the caviar. In addition, the eggs should be firm and have a mild, creamy flavour. If it looks mushy, dull, or has a strong fishy smell, it's likely deteriorated or old. It's important to buy fresh caviar from a reputable source to ensure quality and avoid health issues.

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