MB RUS entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with SERES Group

MB RUS entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with SERES Group

MB RUS entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with SERES Group


MB RUS, part of the AVTODOM group, signed a direct distribution agreement with SERES Group. It received exclusive rights to import and distribute SERES AITO M5 and M7 sequential hybrids to the Russian market.

The SERES Group flagship model SERES AITO M9 in the second half of 2024 will supplement the presented model range. Thus, the vehicles will be offered in all premium SUV segments.

All supplied models will be certified. OTTS will be received for the supply of cars to the territory of the CUSTOMS UNION.

In addition, the terms of service and warranty from the manufacturer with the possibility of service from partners throughout the country, which were announced earlier, are retained for all cars sold through the own retail network of MB RUS. MB RUS provide warranty and maintenance services using original diagnostic equipment and software. Employees are trained according to the manufacturer's program. Our own warehouse of spare parts and consumables allows us to carry out work in the shortest possible time.

Andrey Olkhovsky, General Manager of AVTODOM Group of Companies: “SERES Group’s hybrid cars have shown themselves to be excellent on the market. We noted the active interest of the audience in them in 2023. Power plants with sequential hybrids will be most in demand for Russian conditions. An electric motor drives and a gasoline engine is used to recharge the battery. This solves all the problems of electric cars. Signing a direct distribution agreement with SERES Group was a priority task as part of our strategy for developing brand sales in Russia. We are very pleased to start 2024 with the news that this agreement has been signed, and we are now the exclusive distributor in the Russian Federation.”

Natalya Koroleva, General Manager of MB RUS: “A huge amount of work has been done over the past year. We are pleased to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with SERES Group. This is an important step for our clients and partners across the country. We will be able to exclusively provide the most innovative hybrid cars and will expand the possibilities of their use and service by adapting to the needs of Russian consumers now. Cars produced by SERES Group have proven themselves well in the Russian and Chinese markets, where a rapid increase in their popularity has already been observed. We will be able to strengthen our position in the market and offer customers the comprehensive premium product, which everyone has been expecting, thanks to an exclusive distribution agreement. MB RUS is a unique holding company, which includes the distribution of cars and flexible financial services - leasing, factoring and lending to individuals. We plan to expand our dealer network and together with partners across the country offer customers reliable support and a traditionally high level of service.”

AVTODOMMB RUS entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with SERES Group
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