Rubén Sánchez's productions will be available on TCL channel.

Rubén Sánchez's productions will be available on TCL channel.

Rubén Sánchez's productions will be available on TCL channel.


The director has signed an alliance with weShort, a partner of TCL Chanel in the United States, to release his productions such as Joc de Nens and Una mujer frente al mar. The European streaming platform, partner of the Sundance and Cannes festivals, has acquired the distribution rights and will release them on 14 April in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. In Spain they are available on Filmin, Prime Video, Flix Olé.

Rubén Sánchez, ESCAC student, who has made more than 10 short films, two of them premiered on Filmin. His second release, Una Mujer frente al Mar, also premiered on Filmin and has been selected for THE MONTHLY FILM FESTIVAL in the UK. He has just finished shooting Post, with Marco Cáceres (La Trinchera Infinita, Toyboy) and now, he is preparing the festival tour of Lamento, his major work as a filmmaker. A sequence shot starring Sara Jiménez (Julieta, Los Rodríguez and Más allá, Maktub). 

Joc de Nens was a short film produced by Pijama Studio, with music by the group La Casa Azul, known for their song "La Revolución Sexual". An original idea that Rubén Sánchez shot when he was 20 years old. The script arises from a visual and musical bet, which narrates how a boy copes with the loss of his best friend the year he starts university and feels different from his classmates

Starring Pablo Scapigliati, Marina Pinto, Dafnis Balduz (While the War Lasts), Georgina Aragall, Natalia Bertran and many more Catalan actors. The creation process was a lot of fun, as Rubén Sánchez and the actors were of the same age and the connection was very good, so they were able to work on the characters. Juego de Niños got more than 3.345 followers in social networks, with a great marketing campaign. Filming took place in various locations in Barcelona, such as La Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the Borne, the Eixample, Eòlia. The city was the main protagonist of this production. The photography was in charge of Iván Romero (Amaia - Quedarà En Nuestra Mente).

The film has been in the Cortometrical, Old Movie, Filmserè. It was released in Filmin, giving a great audience among teenagers. It won the Promofest, mention of the jury. 

"My purpose with this film is to tell a story of emotional overcoming. A boy who is able to leave his childhood and grow up. Healing his wounds and living again. A teenage plot, but at the same time different. It brings a fresh, natural point of view. Where the figure of the adolescent shows us that we are all different and do not mature at the same time. "I think that in our society, everyone has their own way of being and facing life. The death of Oscar, the main character's best friend, is a turning point in Marc's life. A boy who is different from the others. We travel through his maturing stage. Accompanied by his best friend, Anna, who heals his wounds faster. With love, understanding of life and overcoming, Marc will heal his traumas and Anna will make him see that no matter how much he wants to become an adult, they are always the children they were. I have based the work above all on the lighting and the actors. For me, it is very important to establish a connection with all the kids who were acting. And above all, to make the protagonist feel reflected in the character. Working a lot on emotions has been essential in the construction phase of the characters"- Rubén Sánchez We are all different. We have our fears and we often become children again in a world full of obstacles. Cinema is an art that can transmit a lot.

Marc is a boy who is different from the others. He has just lost his best friend the year he starts university. Immersed in a society of internet, social networks and young people's eagerness to be adults, he decides to question his emotions. In this, he discovers his fears of being an adult and leaving the childhood stage. He is afraid of maturing unlike the others. With the support of Oscar's memory, in the middle of the city, between tears and laughter. Mar learns to let go, heal old memories and redefine her emotions.

londonnewsRubén Sánchez's productions will be available on TCL channel.
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