Yoga, the clothes you wear must be in accordance with your beliefs

Yoga, the clothes you wear must be in accordance with your beliefs

Yoga, the clothes you wear must be in accordance with your beliefs

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Yoga, the clothes you wear must be in accordance with your beliefs, you must feel comfortable with your body inside and out, and for this will be your best ally.

If you wear the appropriate clothing during yoga practice, you will be more comfortable and focused on the activity, since you will not have to worry about external issues.

Some postures, known as Asanas, from Sanskrit, are quite demanding, they require developing firmness, strength and flexibility, the same flexibility that your clothing will require.

It is not about spending a lot of money, but always keep in mind that each garment must be:

Comfortable: Ideally, you can focus on exercise. Keep in mind that any discomfort will throw you off your concentration. It is recommended that the clothing be neither too baggy nor too tight.

Very elastic: Yoga poses make you move your body in a way that you normally would not, so your clothes should accompany you in your movements.

Resistant: You will be on the floor for a long time. So, for you to make a lasting investment and avoid accidents when practicing this discipline, the ideal is that you wear quality clothing.

Next, we will analyze with you each of the basic garments that will accompany you in the practice of this wonderful sport.

  1.   Sports leggings

There are two important things that you should consider when choosing a pants: that it is elastic so as not to limit your movement, but that it is not too wide or heavy as it could cause you discomfort and imbalance.

The lower extremities of the body require more attention than the chest or shoes (which are not used), the reason is simple. Many pants will be uncomfortable, others will wear out due to use and you will end up with a semi-translucent fabric, the worst thing is that there are fabrics not designed for sports that look great under a translucent skirt, but when sweating they are terrible.

The answer: Sports leggings. What is the difference with your everyday leggings?

Some sports leggings are made to sweat, the fabric does not wear out so easily, the part of the hips is higher to help put a little pressure on the abdomen and adhere better to the body.

You can wear short bike-style sports shorts when the weather is aggressively hot; For temperate or cold weather, s that reach the calf or one-piece to the ankle may also work.

Remember that you must feel comfortable not only to do the movements, but in how you look your body, if you feel that few clothes give you a feeling of nakedness, a long shirt could be optimal to solve it.

  1.   Sports top

The perfect shirt for yoga is one that does not bother you when you move your arms. So if the weather allows it, tank tops are ideal. A stretch cotton shirt will work too. In addition, it will help you if you perspire a lot, as the material of the shirt will absorb moisture.

The best garment will be a sports top and the reasons are not from another world, the straight shirts that are super comfortable can end with sweat marks or on your face when you have to do some position against gravity, if that happens not only it will be uncomfortable, your breathing will be obstructed and it could also be somewhat embarrassing.

The alternatives to sports feminine tops suitable for learning Yoga, would be:

  • Tank tops, tight at the top.

  • Sleeveless top.

  • Sports bras, only if you feel comfortable wearing just that, if you have one, you can wear it under your favorite sports shirt.

In we will have different alternatives for those women who want to have yoga in their daily practices.

, the clothes you wear must be in accordance with your beliefs
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